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Story About Bypassing Windows XP Password

I have a friend who likes to paly computer games very much.  When he was at school he often played games in the dormitory instead of having class.  As his roommate I always persuaded him not over-addicting in online-games but it didn’t help.  At last I set password on his Windows XP computer stealthily while he went to the restaurant for lunch.  I know it was incorrect but I just for his good.

Then he came back and found out he couldn’t login to his desktop, he asked me for the password but  I promised if he passed the final exam I would told him.  At first he was sad but at last he agreed with me.

The next month he spared no effort to study and to my surprise he even got an A in the finan exam! I was really pleased for his success and told him his Windows 7 password to fulfill my promise. However, he said to me that night:

“Very thanks to you, my friend! Actually I know how to bypass windows XP password efftctly and quickly.  I know a kind of password recovery software called Smartkey Windows Password Recovery from one of my online friends.  One day when we chat with MSN he told me Smartkey was able to bypass windows xp password including domain admin password or other user passwords, it could change passswords and create a new adminidtrator user account as well.  With this effective Windows Password Recovery software, I can enjoy quick access to my locked computer.  No need to call a technician, no need to re-install anything, and I certainly don’t need to reformat.

What’s more, he said I can bypass my windows password with three easy steps:
Step 1: Download and install Windows XP Password Recovery from aonther unlocked computer.
Step 2: Burn Windows Password Recovery 6.0 to CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive
Step 3: Bypass your Windows password successfully.

I have ever bypassed my windows xp password with this tool and it is really worked, within five minutes I accessed my computer easily.  But at that moment I thought of you, I knew you cared me a lot.  I didn’t  want to let you down. So I closed my computer without hesitate and decided to study hard…. ”

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