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Forgot Administrator Password? Change It or Remove It Directly with Windows Password Key

Windows allows users to set up different user accounts with password protected on a computer. This makes quite convenient when sharing a computer among a family, co-workers, roommates etc. Obviously it is quite a good thing to protect your computer with a password. However, over the past decades, there have been numbers of surveys announcing that forgetting administrator password is a frequent occurrence among computer users.


What a terrible thing would that be if you forgot administrator password for your computer? It surely would cause hours of time downtime and thousands of dollars drained, if you have some really important business-related data stored on the PC.


Today people are required to use and memorize so many passwords for various accounts, which directly causes such serious administrator password forgot problem. Thankfully, now you won’t suffer the pain from forgetting Windows administrator password any more since a credible and professional third-party application can perfectly troubleshoot the problem for you!


If you forgot Administrator password for your Windows-based computer, then change or remove it with Windows Password Key.

Windows Password Key is a professional software program designed for removing or changing forgotten/lost Windows password including administrator password and standard password, local and domain password. Now, it has proudly owned 3 editions: Windows Password Key Standard, Professional and Enterprise. To get to know how to remove or change administrator password with this powerful tool, now let’s take a look over the step-by-step tutorial guides below. (Here we take using Windows Password Key Professional for example.)

Step1: Quick download, install and launch Windows Password Key Professional into an accessible computer.

Step2: Insert an empty and writable CD/DVD or even USB flash drive to computer and start to burn a Windows password reset disk with the CD/DVD/USB.

forgot admin password

(Note: Please correctly insert your CD/DVD or USB to your computer. Otherwise this program might not be able to recognize the device. As soon as the burning process finishes, please eject the device from the PC.)

Step3: Insert the burned password reset disk into the target computer and set this PC boot from CD-ROM or USB.

For specific settings, you can visit: (For CD/DVD) (For USB)

Step4: After finish all the settings, now your computer will automatically boot up. When the interface of Windows Password Key Professional shows up, you can start to change or reset administrator password followed by the simple wizard within minutes.

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