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Forgot Excel Password How to Recover

Question:  I forgot Excel password by accident, how to recover it?

I password protected an Excel spreadsheet and forgot the password. How can I open the document?

I’m using Excel 2007 and password protected a document and then forgot the password the next day, (please don’t laugh at me). How can I bypass the password to access this document?

Answer 1:  You can’t it is locked forever.

Answer 2:  There is no way to get past an excel forgotten password (as far as Microsoft is concerned). Visit and see if anyone has posted a program you can download, but I doubt it.

Answer 3:  there are actually quite a few programs you can download – especially if you don’t mind spending $20 or so – to do this. But clarify, are you talking about the password just to OPEN the workbook? Or a password to unlock the sheet, or unprotect the book? If the former, you’ll need a special programs (Google them, there’s boatloads of them). If the latter, I can give you the code to strip off all workbook and sheet-level protection.

Answer 4:  You have to ask the Internet for help. You search “excel password unlock” online and find out the solution as below:

Step 1: Download the setup file of SmartKey Excel Password Recovery 5.0 and install it after you lost Excel password by accident.

Step 2: Open the software, click “Open” to browse the full path of the excel into the program, select your file in the Open File window and click “Open”.

Step 3: On the Recovery tab, select “Brute-force Attack (Trying All Possible Combinations)”. Click “Start” in the Menu to initial the program.

Step 4: The program is recovering the password. Once the password is found, it’ll be displayed in the File Opening Password box. Click “Remove All Passwords from the File” to remove both the Password to Open and Password to Edit. Click “OK”. Use the password provided to open the Excel file and view the information. And until here you have finished the excel password unlock steps.

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