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Forgot Windows 7 Password, How to Deal With?


forgot windows 7 passwordI forgot Windows 7 password for my laptop, how can I get in?

“I completely forgot everything and I have no hint…I have important things but I can’t get in. Is there any way I can bypass it without knowing the original password? Or any way to reset or remove the forgotten password directly? I really need it, thank you!”


This is another case of Windows 7 password forgotten. Recently I’ve read a lot such kind of posts. Similarly, the discussion over the issue—how to deal with the password-forgotten Windows 7 computer has been quite hot. Now in this article, I’ll show you my opinions on ways to change or reset Windows 7 password so that to rescue the locked computer.


Change Lost Windows 7 password with hidden Windows admin account

  1. Directly press “Ctrl+Alt+Del” when the Windows login screen appears. Then enter Administrator in the user name box and leave the password field blank. Next hit Enter to log in Windows 7 system.
  2. Now click on “My Computer->Management->Local User Groups ->Users” in order. Next, click on the user whose password you want to change, then select “Set Password…” After that, in the “Set Password for…” window, just enter a new password and then confirm it in the corresponding box.

Done! Windows 7 password has been successfully changed. However, it should be noted that if any change to the default settings of this hidden Windows admin account, then this way won’t be feasible.


Reset forgotten Windows 7 password with a Windows 7 password recovery tool.

This is another effective way to troubleshoot Windows 7 password forgotten problem. Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0, one of the best Windows 7 password recovery tools which can not only reset Win 7 password but also password for any other Windows-based computer. With advanced encryption technology embedded, users can use it to easily and quickly reset or remove the forgotten password. Now follow the below steps:

Step1: Get Windows Password Recovery Tool, install and launch this tool on an accessible computer.

Step2: Create a bootable password reset disk with this tool on an empty CD/DVD or USB flash drive.

Step3: Boot the locked Windows 7 computer from USB or CD/DVD.

Step4: Select a user you want to reset its password.

Step5: Click Reset button to start resetting forgotten Windows 7 login password.

Step6: Reboot computer and login with blank password.

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