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How to Bypass Windows XP Password to Download Things?

bypass windows xp passwordTo safeguard the computer, when you are trying to run some program it will ask for admin permission. How to solve that problem in Windows XP? Get the admin password or bypass windows XP password? Let’s see this question firstly:

“Tom:” I could not download anything on my sister’s Windows XP computer. When I need to download it ask for admin password and I want to know how I can bypass it to be able to download things again”

This is because you are not an administrator. Get the administrator password from your sister. If it failed, you still can resort to Windows password reset tool to bypass Windows XP password. These programs are designed to automatically recover or reset lost user credentials. This is how they work:

1. Download, Install and run a password recovery tool with an accessible PC which you can run as admin.

2. Burn a windows password reset disk.
You need to first place an empty CD /DVD or USB towards the working computer after which pick the password recovery mode: Totally reset windows local password or Totally reset windows domain administrator password. Next, choose “CD/DVD” or “USB” option. Ultimately, click “Burn” button to begin burning. Once the burning finishes, you simply remove the CD/DVD or USB.

3. Bypass unknown windows XP admin password.
Place the burned CD/DVD or USB towards the target/locked computer, and hang it boot from Compact disc/DVD or USB in BIOS. You can totally bypass password XP easily based on the simple wizard around the interface.

That is the simplest way to help you bypass Windows XP password. Since these applications are from various develop teams, their interfaces and usability differ from each other. Among them, Windows Password Recovery Tool from is a highly-appraised one.
Check more introductions and videos for this tool and learn how to bypass your Windows XP admin password on its official site.

Video guide:

More detail guide on Windows password recovery on Squidoo.


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