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Top 2 Efficient Ways to Reset Windows 7 Password

Reset Windows 7 password straight away and never feel frustrated by being locked from Windows 7.

Over the past decade, we have seen how Microsoft Windows has been into millions of households. From Windows XP to Vista, Win 7 and latest Win 8, all of them have been favored by lots of people. A recent survey claims that an increasing number of computer users show their favor to Windows 7 operating system these days. However, at the same time there are many people who are getting so frustrated by being locked from Windows 7. Are you one of them? If so, no need to worry at all since we can do find some useful ways to reset Windows 7 password.

reset Windows 7 password

To reset Windows 7 password in a more efficient way, we here divide computer users who have forgotten their Windows 7 password into 2 parts:

Part 1: For those who have got more than one user accounts on their computers

If you have ever created more than one user accounts on your Windows 7 PC, it means you just cannot access to the certain account but still can log on Windows 7. In this situation, you are probably able to get access to the locked account with other accessible user accounts which you know their passwords.

To reset forgotten Windows 7 password with other user accounts on your PC can be the easiest way to solve the problem. You just need to follow the below steps:

Step 1: Log to Windows 7 with other accessible user account on your PC.

Step 2: Click Start > Control Panel > User Accounts and Family Safety > User Accounts.
Step 3: Click Remove your password.
Step 4: Type your current Windows 7 password in the text box on the following screen.
Step 5: Click Remove Password button to confirm that you’d like to remove your Windows 7 password.

(Note: The other accessible user account should be with administrative privileges. Otherwise it is still not feasible to reset the forgotten password with this method.)


Part 2: For those who’ve got only one account or all the passwords of the accounts on their PC lost.

At this time, you cannot even log on to Windows 7. Even if you call the computer service center, the problem will still be unsettled. So, what would you do? Well, you need try some ways different like using some professional password recovery software tools. Windows Password Key as far as I know is currently the best software to reset Windows 7 admin password and other standard user password.

Reset Windows 7 password with Windows Password Recovery software.

Step1: Get Windows Password Key from:

Step2: Create an USB or CD/DVD Windows password reset disk with the tool.

Step3: Boot your locked computer from USB or CD/DVD.

Step4: Select a user you want to reset its password.

Step5: Click Reset button to start to reset the forgotten password.

Step6: Reboot computer and login without password.


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