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Windows Password Key Standard—Easiest and Quickest Way to Reset Window Vista Password

If you are using Windows Vista and have found that you are unable to log on any more since you forget the login password. Now I bet you will be happy to hear that there are actually useful solutions to reset Windows Vista password even if it is forgotten or lost.

Now I am ready to share with you the easiest and quickest way to reset your Vista password. Pease do follow me: now find another accessible PC and an empty CD/DVD or USB flash drive. Next visit this website: to free download Windows Password Key Standard. You may get confused, why download such software and is it safe to do that? I assure you it is completely safe to download and you won’t need to pay anything for downloading it. After downloading and installing on your computer, now follow the below steps:

Step1: Run Windows Password Key Standard and later you will see a new interface as below. Then you can follow the wizard on the interface to get a bootable CD or DVD. Once the burning process finishes, take out the CD/DVD from the PC.

Step2: Insert the burned CD/DVD to the locked/target computer and boot it to the Boot Device Menu in BIOS. Next, select the CD-ROM as the first boot device so that the computer can boot from CD-ROM.

Step3: Now your computer will restart automatically. Then a new interface of Windows Password Key Standard will show up. All you need to do now are just 3 mouse clicks, and the left task to reset Vista password can all be completed by the program. The whole resetting process won’t cost you more than 2 minutes.

Step4: Restart your computer and login without password.

That’s it. Don’t you think it is simple and quick enough? Right, using Windows Password Key is that easiest and quickest way to reset Vista admin password and other user password on the Vista-based PC.

To tell you one more pleasure thing, this Windows Password Key Standard doesn’t only work for Vista password reset, but for any other Windows-based computer password reset. With this little software program, you will never worry about losing Vista password and feel frustrated by having no clues on how to reset Windows Vista password!

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