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2 Ways to Reset Windows XP Password

I want to reset Windows XP password which was created long time ago and remove password protection from my computer. Please suggest any solution. P.S. I have tried from “Control Panel user accounts, but there is no link “Remove password”. Anybody could help me?


To reset Windows XP password from Control Panel is pretty easy when the computer or system is still accessible. However, the asker didn’t find the link “Remove password” and failed to remove his computer password. I think it could be probable that he didn’t log in with an administrator user account while he was trying to reset Windows XP password from Control Panel. Below are the correct step-by-step tutorials on resetting or removing Windows XP password from Control Panel:

Step1: Log in Windows XP with an administrator account on the PC.

Step2: Go to “Start->Control Panel->User Accounts”

Step3: In the “pick an account to change the area” of the User Accounts window, click on the user name whose password you want to reset.

Step4: Choose the “Remove my password” link.

Stpe5: In the text box on the next screen, enter the current password of the selected user account.

Step6: Click the “Remove Password” button to confirm password removing.

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How about XP password reset when the password has already been lost or forgotten? Then how to reset a lost Windows XP password? These are quite hot topics recently. To answer these questions, one of the best ways is: using Windows password reset application such as Windows Password Key which doesn’t actually recover the lost password but reset or change it directly and even help users create a new administrator account with password protected. Below are the exact guides on how to reset Windows XP password with Windows Password Key:

Step1: Get Windows Password Key, install and launch this application to any accessible Windows-based computer. (If you don’t have such one, then try to finish this step as well as step 2 from your brother’s or friend’s computer.)

Step2: Burn CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive. (Namely it is to burn a Windows password reset disk on an empty CD/DVD/USB flash drive.)

Step3: Set the target computer boot from CD/DVD or USB.

Step4: Start Windows XP password reset with the burned CD/DVD/USB. Then log on to Windows XP without a password.


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