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Windows 7 Password Recovery – How to Crack Forgotten Windows 7 Password

Our life might not be so beautiful if we don’t have a computer in the daily life. We can use it to search online and read abundant knowledge and play games and watch a video or watch a movie etc. Nowadays, more and more young people prefer staying at home with their computers than the […]

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How to Bypass Windows 7 Password

Question: I need to bypass  Windows 7 password. How do I bypass my user and admin password without a reset disk or access to another computer to burn a disk? Please help me to solve this problems. Thanks in advance. Answer : Bypass WINDOWS 7 password? May be the following info give you reference. Option […]

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A Windows 8 Password Recovery Question

“Recently, Microsoft went public with its product portfolio for managing iOS, Android, Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows Phone 8 devices from the cloud. Microsoft officials shared publicly the details about the company’s so-called Cloud OS management plans during a 30-minute Webcast for press and analysts. Microsoft officials also unveiled a Web-app-performance monitoring service running […]

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Good Phenomenon about Windows 8 Password Recovery

Despite some people are saying that Windows 8 is not good as it is very slow but I am strongly disagree with them as I am using this OS and found that it is very fast as it has very less loading time. This is also a thing which is helpful to increase sales. And […]

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Forgot Windows 7 Password How to Crack It

Forgot Windows 7 password develop a totally new admin accounts so that you can avoid the problem! This is actual absolutely nothing to bother about while you did not keep in mind Windows 7 security password. There are so many Windows 7 private password restoration equipments to assist you take away any dropped Windows 7 […]

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Amazing Dell Password Reset Method

Question: Dell Inspiron Windows 7 password reset HELP! I forgot my only administrator password on it. Now I’m locked out of it. I don’t want to format it or lose anything! Answer: Nothing to worry about when you forgot password Dell Inspiron carelessly. Three things you can do Windows 7 password reset on Dell laptop and get […]


The Sky Drops Windows Password Recovery

Question:  How can I regain administrative status on my computer (Windows 7)? My mom, in a bout of anger, wiped my computer disk of all my files and made herself the sole administrator on my computer. I need to install a program in the next hour for my AP Statistics class, and my mom will […]

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Story About Bypassing Windows XP Password

I have a friend who likes to paly computer games very much.  When he was at school he often played games in the dormitory instead of having class.  As his roommate I always persuaded him not over-addicting in online-games but it didn’t help.  At last I set password on his Windows XP computer stealthily while […]

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Detail Steps to Recover Windows Password

It is known that computers are wildly used in the world nowadays. There is no related statistics in my hand but we all know that we cannot leave the computers in our life from individual, family to enterprise. Computer has changed our life but every coin has two sides, we may lose our data in […]

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