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Do you install Microsoft Office software in your computer runs in Windows? Nowadays, we can’t emphasize the importance of Microsoft Office suite too much. We can’t leave it no matter our school life or working life. The Office tool contains Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access and so on. Today let’s discuss the Excel first and then to other tools.

We use Microsoft Excel document to record a number of data in our social life. With Excel document you can see the data and sources in this spreadsheet. Sometimes you work for a long time but if you don’t record them your boss can’t know your work. So how does he check out? You can make them in an Excel document so that your boss can make sure your work history. The mechanics of a spreadsheet are simple; the mistakes always lurk in one or two main assumptions. What’s more, if the tool you use does not provide a method for saving data in a usable format; you can keep relevant data in a simple spreadsheet.

Microsoft Excel plays a key role in our life and we can’t emphasize the importance of Excel too much. It’s also worth mentioning that many persons set up password in their Excel spreadsheet but lost it or forgot it rapidly. It is a common question and people should pay attention to it. Here I will deeply introduce an Excel password remover to solve this problem.

excel3242How to unlock password Microsoft Excel when it is locked? No worry. SmartKey Excel Password Recovery 5.0 has the power to rescue the lost Excel password conundrum when you forgot xls password by accident. Stop inquietude and disturbance, you have no chance to say I forgot the Excel password how to unlock xls password quickly. This magic MS Excel password recovery 5.0 supports all Microsoft Excel version from 97-2013 and it has the best and most useful password recovery mode to remove or recover Excel password easily.

How to recover xls password with SmartKey Excel Password Recovery when you lost Excel password because of some unexpected reasons? Here is how:

Step 1: Install it and click Open to select the target file.

Before installing it you have to download it first, and then after the installing process you will see the shortcut in your computer desktop, click it and you can see the whole user interface, click “Open” to choose the locked Excel file.

Step 2: Select “Recover the password” and click “Next” to continue.

There are two password recovery options, which is “100% Instant Document Decryption” and “Recover the password”. The former helps you remove the password and only support Excel 97-2003 while the later can find out the password and support all Excel versions.

Step 3: Choose the appropriate Excel password unlock mode and click Start button.

You will see three listed password attack modes, one is Brute-force with Mask Attack,one is Brute-force Attack and the other is Dictionary Attack. Choose one and begin to the Excel password recovery process.

Step 4: Recover Excel password within seconds

After clicking the “Start” button, the program will find out the exact Excel password to you and shows the password in the “File Opening Password” box. Then you can close the box and exit the software and then you can use the password to enter your locked file.

Still wondering how to find out this SmartKey Excel Password Recovery? You can comprehend it and read more features from


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