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Unlock Windows 7 Admin Password on Dell Laptop


I can’t remember the password for my Dell Inspiron Windows 7 PC, how to change or remove the forgotten password?

I recently dug my Dell PC with Windows 7 out of my closet so I could give it to my father to use. I haven’t used it or turned it on about two years. After it booted up, I remembered I had to input a password. I don’t remember it. I tried just about everything I might have used 2 years ago but they were all wrong. All I can think about are the passwords I use now and none of them are right. Since I’m the only one who ever used the computer and my account is the Administrator and the only one on there so I can’t even log into a separate account to change the password. I need some help. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

change Dell Windows 7 password

I followed the Microsoft guideline on how to reset Dell Windows 7 password, but because I do not know my password, none of them work.

I also do not have an installation disk, which rules other methods of resetting the password.

I cannot find out how to access the root/administrator account to get the equivalent privileges to remove/change the password.

I’m hoping someone knows of a method of resetting/removing my password without logged in.

Finally, I’ve looked online and can seem to download random program to reset my password.

I tried Windows Password Recovery Tool with quick steps and removed password in minutes! The following are procedures:

Procedure 1, Download and install the Windows 7 Password Recovery Tool from my now surfing computer via site:

Procedure 2, Run the tool and burn iSO image file into a blank USB Flash Disk (Blank CD/DVD is also OK.) for creating a Windows 7 password reset disk.

Procedure 3, Do BIOS setting on locked Dell Windows 7 computer and set it start from burned USB disk.

Procedure 4, At last, restarts Dell pc and remove Windows 7 administrator password within clicks.

Well, it is really miraculous to delete my Dell Win 7 admin password(click here to know more) with this Windows Password Recovery Tool quickly!

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Dell Windows 8 Tablet Password

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