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Smart Solutions to Unlock Windows 7 Password—Do you Know Them?


“Is there a back door to unlock Windows 7 password? I put a password on my Win 7 Pro a month ago when I upgraded, but now I forgot what it was…” This was asked by someone on I’ve noticed this post has been already solved. The one who gave answer to this poor man thought to unlock the forgotten Windows 7 password by reinstalling the system could be a very appropriate way.


Personally, I will humbly disagree with the idea of unlocking Windows 7 password by reinstalling Win 7 system. It is very stupid to regain access to a computer at the expense of huge data loss. That is not worth doing at all. To avoid losing any data loss while trying to unlock a forgotten/lost computer password, some smart ways should be adopted. Below are some useful solutions I’ve collected.


Smart solution 1: Use Password Reset Wizard

Just see as below, if you forgot your Windows 7 password, you can still click “Reset password…” at Windows 7 login screen to start unlocking the password. But the pre-condition is that you should have created a Windows 7 password reset disk in advance. I know some people may have created one, while some may not. Here, let’s first discuss about how to unlock the forgotten Windows 7 password in this way. Follow the below steps please:

  1. Insert the disk into your locked Windows 7 computer after you boot the Windows computer to the Login Screen.
  2. Click the password-forgotten username, and type any text in the “Password” text box, then hit “Enter”. Next, a warning window opens and shows you to reset password. You just click “Reset Password…”.
  3. Follow the steps in the Password Reset Wizard to create a new password.
  4. Log on to the locked computer with the new password smoothly.

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For people who are not good at creating such a password reset disk, please visit:


Smart solution 2: Use Windows Password Key

If a Windows 7 password reset disk wasn’t created in advance, then another smart way to unlock Windows 7 password should be some professional and credible third-party software. Here I recommend Windows Password Key—a trusted name among Windows 7 password unlock software apps. It in total has 3 editions together: Windows Password Key Standard, Professional and Enterprise. For specific differences about these 3 editions, you can refer here:

All in all, these 3 editions of Windows Password Key can unlock a lost or forgotten Windows 7 password equally accurate. Follow the below steps on how to use Windows Password Key. (Take its Standard edition for instance.)

Step1: Download Windows Password Key Standard and install it to another accessible computer properly.

Step2: Insert a blank CD/DVD to computer, and then click “Burn” button to start burning an ISO image file to the CD or DVD.

Step3: Take out the burned CD/DVD out of the computer and insert it to the locked computer. Next set the locked PC boot from CD or DVD in BIOS.

Step4: Reset the forgotten windows 7 password with burned CD/DVD.


Still looking for ways on how to unlock Windows 7 password? Please stop here, you will get your desired answer.

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