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A Windows 8 Password Recovery Question

“Recently, Microsoft went public with its product portfolio for managing iOS, Android, Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows Phone 8 devices from the cloud.

Microsoft officials shared publicly the details about the company’s so-called Cloud OS management plans during a 30-minute Webcast for press and analysts.

Microsoft officials also unveiled a Web-app-performance monitoring service running on Windows Azure and complement to System Center 2012 SP1 known as Global Service Monitor. Global Service Monitor is in preview now and will be final in March 2013.”


I happened to read such news about Microsoft just now and it reminds me of my Microsoft impression. As an old Windows operating system user who has used it for four years, I always trust Microsoft will become more and more better. And this faith becomes truth when the Windows 8 appears on the market. I have installed Windows 8 operating system into my computer but I have got some password issues about it. I set up a password but I forgot it. I have to find out some solutions for this problem so that I can access my computer.

“How to reset lost Windows 8 password? I have forgotten my Windows 8 password. Do you have any good ideas about it? Any Windows 8 Password Recovery tips? Thanks in advance.”I asked my question in Yahoo Answer and waited for any useful information.

Thirty minutes later, somebody answered,

Tips One: The Safe Mode

You can remove that password and type a new one instead, by following the steps here -> Restart your PC, and hold the F8 keyboard button and as You enter the Windows® Boot Menu you will see some different choices, choose Safe Mode with Networking. Now Windows® will start in Safe Mode.  Select the default Administrator account from the login, the password can be blank. If you are lucky and passed the login, then you’re able to edit your original account.

Tips Two: The Software

Try to use SmartKey Windows Password Recovery Professional. SmartKey Windows Password Recovery, which is one of the most popular Window password recovery tool on market.  You can recover Windows password with these steps:

Step 1: Download and install, run the program on an unlocked computer.
Step 2: Burn a bootable CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive with the program.
Step 3: Reset Windows password by the burned CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive.

Instead of cracking your lost Windows login password, this program allows you to create a password disk for Windows admin password reset to reset the lost password to blank. The program even supports change any local admin/user/domain admin password, and create a new administrator account via CD/DVD or USB drive.

Thanks for the Answer and I think I will try it later.

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