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Windows 8 Tablet Sales: Not So Bad after all

According to research firm Strategy Analytics, Windows 8 tablets (which include Windows RT) took 7.5 percent of the global tablet market based on operating system market share, with 3 million units shipped in the first quarter of 2013. From here we can see that, Windows 8 tablets from Microsoft and its partners may be doing rather better than expected, although Microsoft is keeping silence about Windows 8 tablet sales. Facts speak louder than words. Have a look at the charts list below.
global branded tablet os shipments
global branded tablet OS market share

Are Windows 8 Tablet Sales Really Not So Bad?

Although Apple’s iPad is till took the largest share, claiming a 48.2 percent share on 19.5 million units shipped, it was down from a 63 percent share a year earlier, mostly because of market share gains by Android. Android captured 43.4 percent of the market, rising from 34.2 percent a year earlier (see charts at bottom). However, the vast majority of those tablets are small, low-cost devices such as Amazon’s Kindle Fire, Barnes & Noble’s Nook tablets, and Google’s Nexus 7.

Windows 8 tablets sale only accounts for 7.5% market share. But that’s up from 0 percent a year earlier, before Windows-based tablets were feasible. Considering the fierce composition of the tablet market, it is not a terrible number for Microsoft. After all, Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform is a relatively new entrant into the tablet sector.

Meanwhile, The company says that 3 million Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets shipped in the first quarter of the year, and while it dinged these devices for limited distribution, a shortage of apps and some consumer confusion (presumably over the different versions of Windows 8), this figure still saw the OS take a 7.5% stake in the market. This number does however to “sell-in” units, meaning those tablets going into retail and resellers, but it does at least represent a significant increase from last year.

Look Forward to Windows 8 Tablet Sales

Indeed, Windows 8 tablet isn’t competing with those iPad or Android right now. But smaller Windows 8 tablets will come later this year, leaving the large tablet market, in which Apple’s full-sized iPad is the only real competition. It’s only going to get better from here. With the coming improvements to Windows 8, and better hardware from PC makers, Windows 8 tablets sale is going to look a lot more interesting toward the end of the year. And as small tablets become the ideal devices for consumption, that leaves room for larger Windows tablets and hybrids offer more productivity options. In a word, with the release of windows 8.1 and 7-8 inch Windows 8 tablet, the market dominance of iPad and Android tablet is beat in some degree.

However, Windows tablet market is a “niche” market, which set back by “limited distribution, a shortage of top tier apps, and confusion in the market.” Obviously, Microsoft still has work to do.

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